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Liv Mello

You will literally sound, like, so much smarter.

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The English language is on life support, hanging on by a mere thread of spellchecks and the last few surviving attention spans. It has endured years of abuse by strict character counts and the butchered slang of popular culture. Social media is ruthless, and the distorted lingo of funny GIFs and trending memes is slowly seeping into our everyday language.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Marie Clair of the Plain English Campaign explained, “young people create their own language because they don’t want to sound like stuffy adults.” But what happens when adults start using teen-speak? Who’s left…

It’s not as glamorous as you think.

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I may not be an expert when it comes to successful relationships, but I know a dysfunctional one when I see it. I’ve suffered my fair share of dating fails. My high school sweetheart was hardly sweet. He dumped me at prom after stealing my virginity and self-esteem for years to come, which led me to my second boyfriend…

A certified pathological liar who told different versions of a similar story depending upon his target audience, and my third? Ah yes, he was a keeper, until he knocked up his best friend’s girlfriend. Need I continue?

Assuming that I’ve earned…

And it changed the course of my life.

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The kangaroo was more interested in Mel’s oatmeal than capturing the moment. Still, Mel managed to snap a few selfies. It was March 3rd, 2019 and by sheer chance, I was also at the Australian Reptile Park. I noticed Mel and her marsupial friend and asked if they wanted me to take a photo for them. Mel laughed and said yes. Roo stole some more oats.

Autobiographies, philosophies, and fiction to feed your wanderlust

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People travel to escape their everyday routine, step outside of their comfort zone, explore, relax, and experience another way of life that is not inherently their own. It’s the same reason why people read.

I didn’t start traveling extensively until my late twenties. In 2019 alone, I managed to visit five continents in the span of nine months. I had no clue that less than a year later, all of the diverse countries I visited would have a virus in common, or that I would be forced into lockdown with the rest of the world.

Whether you’re tired of quarantine…

Don’t know where to submit your stories? Find the 2021 Top Publication for your writing niche

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Don’t know where to submit your Medium article?

So, you finished writing your article and you’re happy with the final draft. Now what? There are so many publications on Medium. How do you know which one is the best fit for your writing niche? Whether you’re new to the platform, or still struggling to find your place, I’m here to help. I get it. You want your article to get accepted into a publication — maybe even ANY publication — but you also want it to perform well.

Find the best publication for your writing topic

This guide consists of 35 top Medium publications as of April 2021. Click on your article’s topic in the Table…

Forgive the forgivable mistakes.

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Keeping your standards high and making love last might sound like two opposing concepts, but I’m here to tell you that you can have both. Whatever your situation — whether you’re still single, dating, married with children, divorced with children, or widowed — it’s always important to remember exactly what you want and deserve out of a relationship.

In some of these steps, you’ll examine the relationship as a whole, which will require patience and cooperation from your partner. Other steps will suggest you turn your attention inward and ask yourself what you expect and what you desire from them…

I relate so hard to this, especially when you had to ask yourself, "did I have a good time?" It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to make a good impression. I can't relate to being interviewed on national television but even The Tonight Show is just an ordinary conversation glorified by celebritism... (is that a word?)… Whenever I try too hard to be likable, I completely forget about my own perception of the conversation and the person I’m talking to. I walk away wondering, "did they not like me? Was I not nice enough? Was I not…

Exercise your excitatory cells to improve your life.

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I had no idea how tall the cliff was, but my body didn’t care. It panicked. My heart was pounding. My knees buckled. My hands shook. I was strangely aware of my skull as fear sent blood rushing to my brain.

Have you ever stood on the roof of a tall building and physically shuddered at the thought of falling? Well, this was worse because — as much as I would have loved to stay a safe distance away — I knew I was going to jump.

Taking More Risks Can Improve Your Life

Risk-taking looks different to all of us. There are daredevils that feed off…

Do I wish I wrote something more eloquent? Nah.

Photo by Sound On from Pexels

I’ll admit it. I’ve been trying to go viral on Medium for months. I’ve written advice columns, travel journals, heavily researched relationship pieces, science-driven health articles, current events. Nothing stuck.

Until I recently got a tiny taste of virality on Medium’s top relationship publication, P.S. I Love You.

With 6.5k views and $320 in a single week, the spike was both exciting and unexpected. My only apprehension? This viral article was about farting on my boyfriend. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

I could tell myself that I used farting as a clever metaphor for the comfortability that exists in…

Author, Amy Tan urges writers to take notes while reading

Screenshot of Amy Tan’s Masterclass

Writers are supposed to read but if you’re anything like me, you don’t. Or else, you try to read and struggle. One sentence away from the end of a bestseller and my mind is still wandering. Why? Either I’m feeling guilty about reading instead of writing, or else I’m thinking about whatever it is I should be writing instead.

But reading is important, especially as a writer. Ask any successful writer out there, how can I improve my craft? They’ll all say the same thing. Read. Read novels you love. Read essays you hate. Explore different genres and styles. Study…

Liv Mello

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